Stevedoring Services

Premier Bulk Stevedoring

Premier Bulk Stevedoring, LLC is a stevedoring and terminal operating company with operations in Mobile, Alabama. We have been in business since August of 2003 and currently handle about 200,000 tons of break bulk cargo annually consisting of lumber, plywood, KLB, various steel products, and project cargoes.

Our main operation is at the Alabama State Docks where we manage a 180,000 ft2 warehouse and also several acres of open storage area. We have developed an inventory tracking system that reports inventories to clients on a daily basis and also provides detailed load lists and other reports to assist our experienced team of clerks in insuring that your cargo will be loaded correctly. In addition to the break bulk cargoes we also are the stevedores that handle all of the inbound steam coal into the Port of Mobile, which is approximately 1,500,000 tons per year.

We have a very loyal customer base that we have enjoyed relationships with for our entire 11 years at Premier and most were also valued customers with us prior to our tenure at Premier. Premier employs a group of full-time superintendents and office personnel who each have well over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our labor force is comprised of longshoremen, lift-operators, crane operators and other skilled labor that, have many years of experience in the stevedoring business and provide an excellent service to all of our customers.

Our major client is a shipping line that operates a service from Mobile into the Caribbean Islands and Central America. In this service we are responsible for keeping up with inventories for each client as the cargo is received and then develop stowage plans for the loading of the vessels which averages about 9-10 discharge ports per voyage. Our well trained superintendents and clerks insure that all cargo is loaded in the proper location in the vessel in order for it to be accessible when the vessel arrives at the discharge location.

We operate a fleet of 22 modern lift-trucks ranging in size from 12,000-60,000 lb capacity and are well versed to handle any and all types of cargoes.